BOTOX Treatments
Buffalo, NY

Facial wrinkles and crows feet become more prominent as we age. Botox / Xeomin will safely and effectively smooth these areas and relax your facial muscles. It can also prevent future wrinkles from developing to help you achieve and sustain a more youthful appearance. With little or no discomfort, these injections can eliminate wrinkles for up to six months. You will love how this treatment smoothes the lines around your problem areas in just a few days.

What can BOTOX do for You?

BOTOX/Xeomin can safely and effectively smooth out the facial wrinkles and crow’s feet that become more prominent as you become older. Not only can it relax your facial muscles, but it will also help you get and maintain a more youthful appearance by preventing future wrinkles from developing. The injections can eliminate wrinkles with little to no discomfort for up to six months. After just a few days, you will love seeing the smoother lines around your problem areas.

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