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Are you struggling to lose your weight even after trying the fad diets and numerous diet pills? We recommend that you meet a bariatric physician who specializes in weight loss treatment and obesity.

Excess weight leads to numerous medical conditions, including diabetes, sleep apnea, hypertension, arthritis, some cancers, heart disease, etc. Don’t let your weight issues become a life-threatening disease. Give a us a call for all your medical weight loss needs!

Enroll with us for a medically supervised weight loss program.

Medical Weight Loss Buffalo, NY


Why opt for surgery if simply by engaging in a healthy lifestyle, you can be on the path to wellness. There are no shortcuts to achieving good health. Be willing and committed to working hard to rediscover yourself, and you will soon regain your health, physical strength and stamina.

Weight Loss Treatment Buffalo, NY

Tailored just for you

Before we begin your weight loss program, we will check all your medical conditions and understand your lifestyle and food habits. We will follow up with a tailor-made program designed to suit your unique needs and medical conditions.

Altering your diet, regularly exercising and following a disciplined life can help you achieve successful weight loss.

Success stories

Dr. Meng, our bariatric physician, has helped thousands of patients lose their excess weight. You can become a success story too.

If you love yourself and want to feel happy and healthy, call our weight loss doctor at 716-689-7546 to schedule an appointment today!